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CleverFox: Digital hearing training

CleverFox: the smart way to train your hearing







Many people suffer from hearing impairments and are looking for an efficient and personally tailored solution to improve their hearing.


Kog. Kon. GmbH presents CleverFox hearing training, a comprehensive app-based training program tailored to individual needs.

Product features and benefits

Personal adaptation: After a detailed hearing test in the app, the type and duration of therapy as well as the selection of therapy devices are individually adapted.

Holistic approach: The program includes a daily 1.5-hour listening session with therapy devices, followed by 30 minutes of sound therapy, which helps relax the brain.

Weekly support: Hearing disorders are treated and possibly eliminated under the supervision of specialists such as hearing therapists or ENT doctors.

Flexibility: In addition to therapy sessions, users can continue training at home with the CleverFox Training App and the CleverFox @Home App. These apps include memory, concentration and lateralization training, and sound therapy.

Measurable results: The training aims to stimulate the healthy auditory center and thus improve auditory processing and hearing sensation. Many users experience an improved quality of life, particularly in areas such as speech understanding and spatial hearing.


By using CleverFox hearing training, users can treat hearing disorders therapeutically and, in many cases, improve or even restore their hearing processing. The program offers a holistic, individually tailored and comfortable solution for people who want to improve their quality of life through better hearing.

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