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Digital Ski Test Revolution

Revolutionizing Ski Test Management with a Flutter-based Portal







A renowned ski manufacturer regularly conducts ski tests in various ski resorts to test its products in practice and give potential customers the opportunity to experience the quality of their skis firsthand. However, the previous process was inefficient and time-consuming. Interested parties wanting to test the skis had to fill out handwritten forms, which the manufacturer then had to read and interpret to adjust the skis accordingly.


Inefficient and time-consuming process with handwritten forms. Difficulties in reading handwritten data. Lack of overview of borrowed skis and outstanding returns. Inefficiency in assigning skis to testers.


Development of a portal in Flutter for ski test management. With the new system, interested parties can access the registration process by scanning a QR code and entering their personal data digitally. This offers the manufacturer the following advantages:

Digital Registration: Interested parties can quickly and easily register for a ski test.

Efficient Assignment: The management tool allows the manufacturer to automatically assign skis based on user input.

Clarity: The company can track in real-time which testers are still on the go and from which the return of the skis is still pending.

Notes and Comments: Skiers can be assigned skis with specific notes that can be viewed at any time.


The portal developed in Flutter revolutionized the ski manufacturer's ski test process!

Time Efficiency: The digital registration process considerably accelerated the process, eliminating handwritten forms.

Error Reduction: Digitalization reduced the susceptibility to errors due to hard-to-read handwriting.

Optimal Use of Resources: With a clear overview of borrowed skis and pending returns, the company was able to optimally use its resources.

More Satisfied Customers: A faster and smoother process led to an improved customer experience during the ski tests.


The digitization of ski test management through the portal developed in Flutter made the process more efficient, user-friendly, and less error-prone. This highlights the importance of digital solutions in traditional business models and how technology can help improve customer relationships and optimize business processes.

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