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Digital self-disclosure

Digital Self-Disclosure Portal: Simplifying Tenant Applications

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The traditional process of self-disclosure was time-consuming and cumbersome for potential tenants. They had to download a PDF, print it out, fill it in by hand, sign it, scan it, and then send it to the realtor. For the realtor, this meant an additional workload, as they had to manually assign and evaluate the paper-based information to the respective properties.


With the aim to digitize and simplify this process, we developed a digital self-disclosure portal.

Features of the final product

Digital Form: Potential tenants can fill out a detailed form via a user-friendly web interface from any device. This eliminates the need for physical forms and manual data entry.

Realtor Administration Panel: The realtor has an easy-to-use administration panel where all received self-disclosures are centralized.

Filter and Sorting Function: Within the panel, the realtor can filter and sort the self-disclosures by various properties and form fields to ensure the best overview.

PDF Generation: The realtor has the option to generate PDFs from the digital entries. These can be printed out and signed by the potential tenant during a property viewing.

Technology: The tool was implemented using Flutter, making it cross-platform accessible on various devices without additional effort.


With the introduction of the digital portal, the self-disclosure process was significantly simplified and optimized for both potential tenants and the real estate agent. The time savings and increased efficiency have led to improved customer satisfaction and a smoother handling of tenant inquiries.

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