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ZECK+ The Flutter-based video streaming portal for anglers







ZECK FISHING is a renowned fishing equipment manufacturer known for its high quality and innovative prowess. In addition to producing fishing gear, the company also specializes in creating professional videos centered around fishing.


The growing volume of video content required a user-friendly and easily accessible platform.

Anglers needed a way to view videos in areas with poor internet connections, such as remote lakes.

There was a need for a unified platform across various devices and operating systems.


Development of a Flutter-based video streaming portal featuring: Multi-platform Access: Available as a web version and also as apps for Android and iOS.

TV Device Compatibility: Users can stream the videos via the app on AppleTV and Chromecast, enhancing the viewing experience.

Offline Mode: Allows for downloading videos for offline viewing, particularly useful for anglers in areas with poor or no internet connectivity.

Free Access: Despite the high production standard of the videos, Zeck Fishing offers the streaming portal completely free of charge.


Increased Reach: Through the free offering and easy accessibility, Zeck Fishing was able to engage a larger audience and strengthen brand awareness.

User-friendliness: The ability to access on various devices and platforms ensures a seamless user experience.

Added Flexibility: Anglers can now download and view videos anywhere, leading to increased engagement and more frequent app usage.


The Flutter-developed streaming portal for Zeck Fishing GmbH illustrates how digital solutions can efficiently and user-friendly disseminate valuable content. This project showcases the versatility of Flutter as a development tool and how it can be used to create high-quality multi-platform applications. Zeck Fishing's commitment to its community through the free offering further highlights the added value brands can provide to their customers through such initiatives.

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