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Modern gastronomy faces the challenge of improving the customer experience while simultaneously reducing the workload for staff. This is where the "nanea" app comes into play.


Reducing wait times and staff shortages in restaurants. Integration of multiple restaurants on a single platform. Real-time information on order wait times. Flexibility in promotions such as "Happy Hour".


Development of the multi-tenant platform "nanea", offering the following features:

Order via App: Guests can order through the app, thereby reducing the need for waiting staff.

QR Code Table Identification: Orders are delivered directly to the table after the guest scans the table's QR code.

Direct Payment: Guests can pay within the app, streamlining checkout and payment processes.

Real-time Wait Time Display: Guests are informed about the estimated delivery time of their order.

Flexible Modes: Features like "Happy Hour" can be activated to dynamically design offers.

Delivery and Pickup Service: The app also allows for orders for delivery or pickup.


Rapid Acceptance: An exit was achieved for a seven-figure sum just six months after release.

Increased Efficiency: Restaurants were able to reduce wait times and improve the customer experience.

Scalability: Multiple restaurants could be seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Versatility: The app caters to both the in-house dining of restaurants as well as delivery and pickup services.


"nanea" revolutionized the gastronomy experience through digitization and automation of ordering and payment processes. With rapid market success and acquisition by a buyer, the app demonstrates the immense potential of innovative solutions in the gastronomy sector. Following its impressive success and the exit, the maintenance and further development of the "nanea" app were entrusted to the buyer. This move ensures that "nanea" continues to be optimized and adapted to the evolving needs of the gastronomy industry in the future.

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